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Anonymous said: WHY ARE YOU SINGLE


because i didn’t forward that chain email letter in 2004


A clinical psychologist by day, Cyril Rolando (aka AquaSixio) spends his free time creating beautifully surreal, digital artwork that portray fantastic scenes and worlds.

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I hate when people ask questions during movies like do you not understand that the movie purposly doesn’t tell you things in order to build suspense



oh my god Emma

*crying massive buckets of mommy feels*

I needed this today. :)

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The Iron Throne as described in the novels, officially endorsed by GRRM on his blog as the most accurate artistic representation thus far. By artist Marc Simonetti.


What the fuck that isn’t safe

No, it’s not. The histories talk about how the throne is cruel to unworthy kings. Jaime would talk about how Aerys Targaryen would constantly be covered in scabs from sitting on the throne carelessly. 

'No man should sit comfortably upon the throne'

It is meant to be an ugly, monstrous beauty. And several times during the books Joffrey cuts himself on throne.

This is one of the many reasons I encourage fans of the show to also read the books. The show is great and entertaining, but there is so much more depth in the books. The reason the throne is like this is because the Targaryens who made it took the swords of all of their enemies and used a real-life dragon to melt it together. In the show, it’s a chair made out of swords and that’s cool, but it’s not like an entire army’s worth of swords.

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and that’s why I love tumblr

and that’s why I love tumblr

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sexual orientation: aaron warner

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